Thursday, January 05, 2017

What's your passion?

A friend asked what's my passion these days, as I am one always with something different up my sleeves.

Here's what I told him.

My passion has always been food and all things related to it. No matter what other interest I pick up along the way, I always go back to my original love, food. I guess I'm one of those lucky few who have turned their passion into their life.

Passion is not something you look for, it'll find you, and draw you into a web that you wish not to escape from. When you spend every waking hour thinking about it, turn your life upside down to fit it into your life, waking up in the middle of the night with some ideas or thoughts about it, let your bath water go cold as you follow your trail of thoughts on it, that's passion. 

What ever your passion is/are, make sure you do it with zeal, and hopefully that will be your legacy.

~a foodie who's inspired to be a food connoisseur~

The friend who asked the question, he's one of those really passionate person who holds no bar when he does things. Him, I envy his passions, and at times I hate him because he makes me want to take up those interest too! 

p/s: late last year I started again with them carnivorous plants. But this time I am limiting myself to drosera, pinguicula and dionea. Specifically NO Nepenthes, as we can remember perfectly well how that took over my garden and life the last time. I will not fall to temptation regardless how appealing they are (here's to wishful thinking)

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